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Domenico Rubello

Domenico Rubello

Domenico Rubello
Professor of Chemistry and Radiochemistry
Medical School for Technicians
Padova University


Rubello obtained the post-graduate Academic Degree in Nuclear Medicine in 1993 at Padova University – Italy (vote 70/70 cum laude);He worked in various Hospitals and Departments in Italy: Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Padova University (Director, Professor Mario Austoni) - Italy; Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, Padova University – Italy (Director, Professor Fulvio Calzavara); Nuclear Medicine - PET Centre, Castelfranco Veneto Hospital – Italy (Director, Professor Giorgio Ferlin); Nuclear Medicine – PET/CT Centre, Rovigo Hospital – Italy (Director, Dr. Domenico Rubello); Moreover, he worked at the Nuclear Medicine Service, Radiology Department of the Michigan University Medical Center, USA (Director, Professor Brahm Shapiro);He is Director of the Department of Imaging (Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Centre, Radiology, Neuroradiology, Medical Physics) at Rovigo General Hospital in Veneto (Italy) from 2008

Research Interest

Nuclear Medicine, PET, CT Centre