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ISSN: 2376-0249 Open Access

Low Level Laser (LLL) in dentistry

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The Low Level Laser (LLL) have a analgesic, anti-inflammatory and biomodulator being used for various treatments, such as: thrush, labial herpes, analgesia in orthodontic treatment, trismus, paresthesia, dentin hypersensitivity, or that is, when the biological tissue has a imbalance in their physiological functions. As effects of laser therapy can mention increases in the location and speed of microcirculatory healing. The clinical application of Low Level Laser (LLL) have been demonstrates the literartura overtly where the mechanisms of action of visible light, monochrome and infrared in chromophores of cells and organisms, has stimulated new research in clinical professionals and researchers.

Corresponding author
Vitor Hugo Panhoca
Department of Physics and Material Science
University of Sao Paulo