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International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images

ISSN: 2376-0249 Open Access

Case Blogs

Case blog belongs to a group of classifications covering Clinical & Medical diversifications which are based on particular base content, signifying the field ports relevant to short description and image disclosure. Web base supports the identifier to have a back to back check on new titles and related titles in the site to ensure that the case has been reached to the scientific community by personalizing the content for their future work.

Case blogs makes the content easier

  • To publish short content in the web
  • Share digital pictures
  • Use the content for your online identity
  • Storing list of links that entitles to intend the interesting pictures and cases among the scientific community and colleagues
  • Skilful artwork can be retrieved anytime for forthcoming research activities

Short brief on case blog submission

  • Original cases relevant to Clinical & Medical fields
  • Images relevant to case content (JPEG)
  • Content not exceeding 300 words

Complete author affiliation