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International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images


Aim and Scope

International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images is a scholarly open access Journal that appeal to a broad spectrum of allied professionals from clinical and medical fields up to molecular levels. It comprehensively covers new technologies, applications, issues concerning with all major diagnostic methods that provide the latest information in medical and clinical diagnosis as well as machine learning for image reconstruction.

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International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images includes articles from various fields. Journal intends to include the topics like Magnetic Resonance Angiography, Spine MRI, General Whole Body MRI imaging, MR Arthrography, Magnetic Resonance Cholangioancreatography (MRCP) but not limited to the below mentioned areas.

Journal accepts images related to Breast MRI, Chest MRI, Musculoskeletal MRI, Knee MRI, Shoulder MRI, MRI Prostate, MR Urography, MR angiography of limb vessels, MR venography, Cytology & Histology Images, Diagnostic method Images, Oncology Images, Immunology Images, Forensic science Images, Clinical case Images, Ophthalmology Images, Chemotherapy Images, Transplantation images etc.

The International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images mask the areas of clinical & medical sciences which include image formation, image processing, image analysis, image interpretation and understanding, computer graphics and visualization referential to diverse areas in clinical and medicinal classifications.

Scope of the journal

  • Image acquisition
  • Image data storage
  • Image visualization
  • Image data communication
  • Image processing
  • Electronic image applications

The International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images focuses in all areas

  1. Clinical: Cytology & Histology, Diagnostic method, Oncology, Immunology, Forensic imaging, Clinical case, Ophthalmology, Chemotherapy, Transplantation, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Neurosurgery, Neuroendocrinology, Gastroenterology.
  2. Medical: Radiology, Surgery, Diagnostic methods, Cloning and transgenesis, Dermatology, Neuroscience, Haematology, Dentistry, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Arthritis, Urology, Florescence Images, Endoscopy, Elastography, Tactile Imaging, Thermography, Medical Photography, Stress Imaging, Electroencephalography, Magnetoencephalography, Electrocardiography, Medical ultrasonography, Projectional Radiography, Medical Microbiology, Cytogenesis, Molecular Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and Bone Scan, Radionuclide Imaging, Optical Projection Tomography (OPT), Positron Emission Tomograpgy - Computed tomography, CT and MR Imaging, Photoacoustic Imaging, Echocardiography.

Unique features of the Journal

  1. Case Blog: It is an interactive blog that enables the researchers to post short case studies where readers participation is allowed.
  2. Animations and presentation: Researchers can take their research thoughts to this platform through posters or animated images/videos. This allows the researchers to communicate their ideas using images, graphical abstract submission and slogans effectively, without getting into description. The submission of PPT, flow chart and e-poster presentations will also help readers to use the material in their lectures, further promoting the paper innovations.
  3. Graphical abstract: Pictorial representation of abstract can be submitted which benefit the readers to understand the representation at a glance.

All works published by International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work, provided the original work and source is appropriately cited. IJCMI strongly supports the Open Access initiative. All published articles will be assigned DOI provided by Cross Ref. International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images will keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of Clinical and Medical Images. Abstracts and full texts (HTML, PDF and XML format) of all articles published by International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images are freely available to everyone immediately after publication. International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images supports the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.
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