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Clinical-Medical Image - International Journal of Clinical & Medical Images (2022) Volume 9, Issue 6

Complete Congenital Absence of all Four Limbs

Complete Congenital Absence of all Four Limbs

Author(s): Dede Virginie TEKO1*, Etonam Agbessi KOUGNIGAN2, Piham Sosso KEBALO1, Okassate Kamou, SIBABIAKPO1, Gladys Djimo LEBUGHE1, Amavi FOLLY1, Ahmat Yacoub SALHADINE1, Emmanuel SEKOUDJI1, Komla GNASSINGBE1

1Departement of Pediatric Surgery, Sylvanus- Olympio University Hospital Center, Lome, Togo

2Departement of Surgery, Hospital of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Ogou, Togo

*Corresponding Author:
Dede Virginie TEKO
Departement of Pediatric Surgery
Sylvanus- Olympio University Hospital Center
Lome, Togo
Tel: 0022892244955

Received: 16 June 2022, Manuscript No. ijcmi-22-67567; Editor assigned: 18 June 2022, Pre QC No. P-67567; Reviewed: 23 June 2022, QC No. Q-67567; Revised: 24 June 2022, Manuscript No. R-67567; Published: 30 June 2022, DOI: 10.4172/2376-0249.1000834

Citation: Teko DV, Kougnigan EA, Kebalo SP, Sibabi-akpo OK, lebughe DG, et al. (2022) Complete Congenital Absence of all Four Limbs. Int J Clin Med Imaging 9:834.

Copyright: © 2022 Teko DV, et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Clinical-Medical Image

It was a female newborn from a bichorial biamniotic twin pregnancy, admitted to the surgery department for agenesis of the four limbs. She had no notion of parental consanguinity. No malformation noted in the siblings. The mother was G6P4, with a miscarriage. The pregnancy had been followed with five prenatal consultations, and an obstetrical ultrasound performed at 22 SA which did not note any abnormality. During pregnancy bleeding was noted in the first trimester treated with herbal medicine.

The delivery had been made by low way which had allowed the extraction in cephalic of our newborn apgar 9-10, weighing 2300 g; followed by the podalic extraction of the second twin apgar 8-10, weighing 2800g. The meconium had been delivered on time in the two twins.

His death had deplored on the second day of life in a context of fever treated with herbal medicine according to the father [1,2] (Figure 1).


Tetra Amelia; Congenital; Togo


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