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Zhonghua Sun

Zhonghua Sun
Zhonghua Sun

Associate Professor
Medical Imaging
Curtin University


Dr Sun is an Associate Professor in medical imaging at Curtin University, Australia. He gained his M.B and PhD degrees in clinical medicine and medical imaging, respectively, from Harbin Medical University in China and University of Ulster in UK. He worked as a radiologist in the department of radiology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital for 9 years prior to taking up one-year medical fellowship during 1998-1999 in Japan. His research interests include diagnostic imaging, 3D medical image visualization and processing, and hemodynamic analysis of cardiovascular diseases. He has demonstrated a particular interest in the coronary artery disease by using CT modality with aid of 3D visualization tools to assist early diagnosis and prediction of disease outcomes. In addition, he has been studying the application of using computational fluid dynamics technique to improve understanding of the development of atherosclerosis, formation of plaques and effect of plaques on the hemodynamic changes to the coronary arteries. He has published over 130 refereed journal papers in medical/medical imaging journals. He serves as an associate editor for Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology and Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, and an editorial board member in 20 medical and medical imaging journals.

Research Interest

Diagnostic Imaging, 3D Medical Image Visualization and processing, and Hemodynamic Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease

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