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Charbel Saade

Charbel Saade

Charbel Saade
Department of Diagnostic Radiology,
American University of Beirut
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States


Charbel Saade currently holds the position as the accreditation and technical officer at the American University of Beirut and lecturer at the University of Sydney Australia. Charbel has undertaken for many years research in the field of CT and MRI with new techniques being developed and commercialized. Charbel current role is to collaborate with international researchers. Charbel has presented numerous papers and published journals all over the world and most recently in 2010 - 2013 at RSNA, ECR and Arab Health with promising results in stroke, acute aortic syndrome and pulmonary embolism imaging. Charbel is in his final stages of completing his Phd in radiology. Charbel is renowned for his radiology website which ranked in the top 5 of the world.

Research Interest

Contrast media, CT, MRI, Mammography, Neuro, Body, Oncology, Pediatrics